Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Tarradale Pupils find their polytunnel in the OLD school!

Tarradale Primary School pupils find where their new polytunnel has been hiding! But not for much longer - they hope to get it put up and ready for action by the end of April. If you can help in anyway to make the most of this fabulous new growing space please get in touch with RoWAN or Tarradale Primary School. RoWAN is providing polytunnels to Muirtown and Dochgarroch Primary Schools as well and we hope that lots of members of their local communities will benefit from them. If you have a polytunnel at your school we'd love to hear what has worked well for you - as well as the things to avoid!

Launch of the "Growing Hub Growing Award"

These colourful Swiss Chard seedlings were spotted today on the windowsill of Tomnacross Nursery - just one of the varieties of seeds they received as part of the RoWAN FREE SEED offer.

RoWAN, Dingwall Academy and RHET (Royal Highland Education Trust) are pleased at announce the launch of the "Growing Hub - Growing Award" which aims to:
  • Provide an informal, progressive approach for pupils to gain skills and knowledge through growing fruit, vegetables and flowers
  • Assist school staff to gain confidence in supporting pupils to grow more
  • Recognise pupils' horticultural achievements with an Award that is both easy to deliver and assess

Sowing and caring for seeds are examples of tasks that can count towards the newly launched "Growing Award".

If you would like more information on this Award, which is being piloted over the next 12 months please contact RoWAN at any time. We are more than happy to visit you and your pupils to help get you growing! We'd love to hear from you if you intend to do the "Growing Award" so we can provide you with support via email.  

Feel free to send us photos of your growing projects and tops tips for how to grow over the school holidays!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Ferintosh and Mulbuie both up for the Climate Week Challenge

Last week was Climate Week and both Mulbuie and Ferintosh Primaries agreed to take on the 1 hour challenge set by the Climate Week team - which was to come up with a great idea to help people use less energy to heat buildings and water. The teams of about 4-6 children each decided on the buildings their idea was to benefit. These varied from an airport to a kitchen to a football pitch to the Empire State Building (no less) - so ambitious from the start.

After 40 minutes of preparation each team had up to 5 minutes to present their idea to the other groups who then voted for the best combination of idea and presentation!

             The winners at Mulbuie were ... "The Supersavers"!!!

At Ferintosh we watched a football match where the lights went off (sound familiar?), heard how The Empire State Building might use the power of a lightening strike and how water power might replace coal power in the kitchen and the winning team were "The Bumbly Bears" with their Empire State Building idea

Thanks for taking part in Climate Week.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Sharing event at Dingwall Academy - well done everyone!

Just a quick thank you to everyone that came along on Wednesday 12th Feb - and a special thanks to all the pupils who took part in the fantastic presentations on what you are doing to reduce food waste. We didn't realise SO MUCH was happening. There were some really great sharing ideas - we'll put more up on the Blog very soon. And more photos to follow.  And a video too!
                                                      Muirtown Pupils at Dingwall Academy

The Schools that were more than "Up 4 It!" were:
Ben Wyvis Primary
Dingwall Primary
The Diggers - Dingwall Academy
Muirtown Primary
Newmore Primary
St Clements
Tarradale Primary

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Some classroom activities - science and global citizenship

Dingwall PS science class making their compost timelines (or Rot Pots) re-using and recycling as they go. A fantastic chance to concoct compost cocktails! This activity is available on WRAP website 
A fine set of Rot Pots - the pupils will watch the contents decompose over the next few weeks and months. Dingwall PS staff have amongst the BEST compost we've seen!

Does our food really come from so far away? Tarradale PS pupils match our everyday fruit and veg from the local shop to the map of the World. They discovered that some of it could have come from much closer to home. RoWAN can do this activity with your class, or lend you the map. Just ask.

Events coming up

12th February @ Dingwall Academy "Sharing Event" a great chance for pupils and staff to show everyone what has worked for your school when it comes to trying to reduce the amount of food and packaging that we waste. Please get in touch to let us know you are coming.

21st February @ Dingwall Academy
Free CPD workshop "R U Up 4 Growing food?"
Contact Toni for more details or look on the Highland Council CPD website.

3-9th March Climate Challenge Week - Ferintosh Primary are already signed up. Why don't you too? We can help - if it helps!

                                              Time to get your seeds and planting planned!

Friday, 6 December 2013

How to feed a Green Johanna hot food composter - thanks to Muirtown Primary

Start with a bucket or two of food waste from lunchtime
Put the waste food in the Green Johanna and stir ...adding the same amount of brown material - such as leaves - and stir again. Remember to put the lid back on.Thanks to Clair and Fiona for showing me how it works.

If you would like more information on the Green Johanna please get in touch with Toni or Norman, several of our project schools have them and would be happy to share the ups and downs of keeping it happy! Have a look at